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There's a little bit of me in them & a little bit of them in me #somanyenvelopes

Starting a new journal. Nothing is more inspiring. Thank you .

Decided to have toasted stove knob for a snack. Not as tasty as you'd think...

The rap squat and a smirk for you #albumdroppingsoon

you should've brought your cactus to CA it would've had fuzzy friends

why arent you here though #yourpassion #allofthebeaks

No need for chris when rainbow sells these #realdeal

For toddlers or twentysomethings? has found her new hobby #babygames

Putting men in the kitchen where they belong

Just what he wanted for christmas? #spooky? #englishteacherprobs #merryxmas

Sometimes you dont question what you find in the towel drawer. Sometimes you do.

The joys of living with #lostpartner

A rainy saturday afternoon successfully spent #puzzmasters #natureinharmony

When i go somewhere i bring more books than clothes #heavybag

This is how my desk ended up at the end of #gtmd13 at

Welcome to #GTMD2013 at . This is the entryway to biblical equality.

Always fun to open up a book and find this smirk #morningsurprise #bookmark

Happy birthday ! #youareold