Comedy writer looking for a refund on the Ladder of Success, (the ladder was too small).

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After the concert can you ask Adam to be another producer on my comedy project? Thanks!

  • 1475 days ago via site
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That's not snow on the valve stem but soap bubbles. I should have changed that when I fixed the rim bead leak.

  • 1619 days ago via site
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Yes, I had the ice cream cake first. Next more tidbits tonight.

  • 1641 days ago via site
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Snack time:)

  • 1641 days ago via site
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JB at the rim plant forgot to spray a clear coat on the aluminum rim to protect the bead from oxidation. The new tire is back on.

  • 1659 days ago via site
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5 more boards 2 go I should not have let the boards get mixed up. Let the next person fix the leak in 18yrs. Better now than when it went in the 1st place.

  • 1662 days ago via site
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Yes cutting the floor worked, now re-silicone the part to leak in the future. What did I learn buy a tub with 1 drain hole not 7:(

  • 1669 days ago via site
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Looks like glue on the back of the pipe thread so tomorrow I will cut the floor to get more leverage on that nut?

  • 1670 days ago via site
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That nut is locked & thinking about cutting the floor 2 get room 2 get the wrench in? At least I found the tool:)'

  • 1671 days ago via site
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When I find the right Channel Lock I will repair another leak soon. Lost in the garage or did I loan it 2 someone?

  • 1672 days ago via site
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I have to the large channel locks for this job, not in the back of my car? The tub will stay broke a little longer

  • 1672 days ago via site
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The tub is fixed. 24hrs. & the water test 4 leaks. Had 2 cut some of the plywood next 2 the drain 2 get the heat gun in 2 soften the hose.

  • 1675 days ago via site
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The Soccer ball made it without a scratch in Sirte today.

  • 1713 days ago via site
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Now I get to rest today.

  • 1811 days ago via site
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One picture from last night.

  • 1816 days ago via site
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After welding part should hold.

  • 1828 days ago via site
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Fixed a part on the car today. Broken stabilizer link before.

  • 1828 days ago via site
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The steel screw has more miles on it then the tire does.

  • 2066 days ago via site
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Two more loads to move.

  • 2066 days ago via site
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