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1741. Thanks, , for keeping her safe.

First official pic of the new ride.

At the Louisville O'Charley's: Ford Explorer mural.

"You see, I love this place that I've grown to know... Alright, North A-meri-ca."

"I hate the feelin' when you're looking at me that way ('cause we're North A-meri-cans... )"

Aux jack, RAP, E85, quick-dry upholstery. Not the worst beach rental.

Wow! #GT5 just got real! Thanks for the congrats gift, !

Mike and me being cute in a $750K Hitachi excavator.

Best kind of retweet: what's up, ? You're on the #conagg LCD!

Found ya at #ConExpo, !

You guys're everywhere, ! #ConExpo

These pedestal booms are made in downtown Cleveland. I'm endlessly fascinated by domestic manufacturing.

Developed and made in the USA: 's Firestone DuraForce, an app-specific telehandler tire.

New personal goal: have a tire named after me. #ConExpo

Mike says this 'artic' truck's ECU logs bed cycles, tonnage hauled and brake temps.

Coolin' out with at #ConExpo. (Isn't there another Bibendum handle?)

Wait… how fast do you want to back up 46 tons of gnar? #Deere #ConExpo

#CpnExpo Cat CT660: LED repeaters; rough-finish mirror posts.

Looks like Cat's CT660 introduces design elements that will permeate the line, like these blackout fenders. #ConExpo

What's up, ? It's a good day at #ConExpo. TwitPics incoming…