Eric Reeb


I left the safety of the pack at a young age to try myself on the Steppes. As I found the rural life to be a bore I took to performing in a Soviet era circus as

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Would you like to see my Georgia O'Keeffe finger?

No babies.

Hanging in the window of what looks like a long empty storefront.

3 Stooges and Turn the Page!

Tamarind lollipop coated with chile tastes like "wtf?! Why did someone make candy that tastes like this?"


Toenail moon

There is chaos inside.

Seriously, I followed directions to make this. And I'm feeding it to my children. #terriblefather

Snow man at ease.

Can you spot the irony on this bookshelf?

That's not a station wagon.

Gloriously messy buffalo chicken burrito with rubber ducky. T

I've never seen #1 and #2 used in such an official way.

There's something horrific about this pic, isn't there?

The Spaniards call it la Luna, the Crazy Lady.

This is not a real protest or demonstration.

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