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We got a present at work--the best present ever!

The New York steak is a 'California Favorite'?

I might be too much of a word nerd when I'm in a bar playing a word search game.

Guess how many of those bags are mine and how many are my male companion's.

Exploring the Vegas strip for the first time!

The #Vegas strip for the first time!

The sun is coming up in #Vegas. That's my cue to go to bed.

Sending out the right vibes for our #Vegas weekend :P

Filing a police report. #likeaboss

Someone bypassed three perfect scooters to steal one missing all these parts.

My mom's solution to my riding my scooter in the cold weather.

When I got out of work after 1 p.m. my poor scooter was so lonely.

And dinner from Joe Peep's!

A newsroom is one of the best places to be on an election night.

The students watching the streaming results as we put our paper together.

Our alternate front-page layout for if Romney won. Crumpled and discarded.

The election results projected in the newsroom as we anxiously wait.

Obligatory 'I Voted' sticker photo.

Election issue ideas and notes on the newsroom board.

Election Day = Newsroom bound all day