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I report spambots, cyber-hookers, and ad accounts to Twitter and get them banned. Then I laugh at them.

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Enjoying some off-time. +100 pts for sleeping kitty. FYI I'm playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf. #acnl

  • 545 days ago via site
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I love it when trending topics work together. #ThankYouJesusFor #ThingsThatAnnoyMe. #RedEye, #catfish, #wcw.

  • 636 days ago via site
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How many office workers does it take to change an ink cartridge? (It was harder than we thought...)

  • 675 days ago via site
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Yes, that's a gryphon shirt. Yes, that's a gryphon hat. Yes, that is me. Yes, I am smiling.

  • 805 days ago via site
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And a one and a two... Hey ! Am I doing it right? ;)

  • 1118 days ago via site
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$10.00 pizza deal = $11.00? should either fix the deal to read $11 or make the price actually be $10.

  • 1197 days ago via site
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This is what I get trying to go to right now...

  • 1201 days ago via site
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The aforementioned Obama/Spiderman fistbump.

  • 1243 days ago via site
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Suddenly The Dungeon Collapses! Special achievement I got in Dungeons of Dredmor.

  • 1259 days ago via site
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Weird graphical artifacts in #WorldofWarcraft... Trying to get help with my video card problems.

  • 1286 days ago via site
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performs Feliz Navidad in all burps. Puppycop looks unamused. ;) Merry Christmas, Homie King!

  • 1289 days ago via site
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Standing below sea level, only there's no sea! You can see coral above me and a small trench left for sharks.

  • 1289 days ago via site
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Make a Steam support account? Why bother? These guys have NEVER fixed my issues. The black cat has the right idea.

  • 1290 days ago via site
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Guru Meditation: Varnish Cache Server. Actual Steam error messages.

  • 1296 days ago via site
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#WorldofWarcraft #WoW I think this is a good look for me. What do you think?

  • 1335 days ago via site
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The first magic carpet I ever owned... #WorldofWarcraft screenshot.

  • 1344 days ago via site
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1337 is the best time to talk about killing the #Patriarch with a juggle combo in #KillingFloor!

  • 1426 days ago via site
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For posterity and bragging rights, all 25 of my #Steam Summer Camp achieves and some prizes. COME ON GRAND PRIZE!

  • 1457 days ago via site
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YouTube achievement GET! Oh man, how crazy, YouTube's upgraded my account to post longer vids! Anyone else?

  • 1463 days ago via site
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The first ship I ever built in #Minecraft. Build time: 20 mins. How's it look to you?

  • 1468 days ago via site
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