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Martinis in Manhattan!!!

Outside Steve's bar in Soho (actually called O'Nieals). Could totally live here. Soho, not the bar. Well, both ;)

Found a fabulous Italian restaurant on 54th and enjoying a bottle of Pratello Rebo Vitigno Autoctono. Fantastic!

While consuming our 3rd Bloody, we discover how to aid a choking victim...apparently you mount them...#justsayin

Had to walk to Times Square just to find a Bloody Mary. You'd think it'd be easy to find an open bar in this town

PopTarts World? AWESOME!

Guess what's outside our hotel window!

Lols! Ended up with the vertical tonight...including the #1 '08 Cab Sauv! #bbwn Thanks !

Hey ,didn't want to leave out the love from .Can't wait to come see your shop!

Hey! The girls working TB booth at TC wine festival wanted me to get your okay before I tweeted out about your wine at nectar ... So, okay? :-)

This is getting fun! More love and a ton of well deserved medals for !

Seriously , you've got a great lineup! showing the love

Seriously...EVERYWHERE giving the love

Listening to Jury of Peers at Rock Reactor..holy crap they've dialed it in this week. Get your butts down here!

DJ Reverb tonight 8-11. Southridge Plaza. Check it.

At Southridge location and what do I see? is everywhere! Can't wait to check it out!

Aaaaannnddd she never learns...

Seriously, I can't take her anywhere. #justsayin

Oh , oh , how happy we are to have this on hand tonight :-)