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Born in Baltimore and known locally for being very cute. She is also a Pokémon Master.

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Delicous Kate cookiesssss http://maps.google.com/?ll=37.653289,-122.099828

I am in Denver, CO! woah.

I am in Denver, CO! woah.

Better picture... Flight time!

Time to fly. Front seat!

I got here a bit early... But I'd rather be early then laaaaaate.

I got asked to go through a full body scan because I don't look 25. Check out the device!

I am at work. No opening manager is here, though. More than half of the reason why I'm here now has been taken care of last night.

Watercolor with new ink! It was all done with brushes! :3 it just took forever to find waterproof ink.

Also my artist alley hamster sold for 140 at live auction at otakon! Woah!

Omg I needed this after today (reeses cup snowball)

So much to do... I need my vacation now!


Sleepy and sore. Work was kind of rough today.

So I'm dating my iPhone

What I do with unlimited texting. Yup.

Sorry that all of today is nothing but me freaking out. Calm down.

Biz Markie left his shoes at my store. Come back and get them.