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My cat really hates to get her nails cut.

She looks so bad ass! Hello winged transmog! :)

My bff just got to “that part” in Frozen. I’m giggling.

Too many moleskins in this purse. Or not enough.

We have some of the prettiest trees here.

Here she is, post-scratch victory belly share!

Pretty pathetic day.

The new remote looks like a cell phone.

Today, while I was out with and , I decided to buy Legos to make a pink house.

Buying this dress!! Cause holy cute!

Seriously Lego?? Just take alp my
Money, why don't you!

Oh ! Look!!

Are you kidding? How cute are these!! (This is your fault )

Holy crap, you know what, I do! But it’s a jailbroken app. Intelliscreen.

Um… the price for this paper notebook is… confusing…

My cat really thinks all my food is her food.

Well at least it LOOKS like french toast is supposed to look. ><

My cat fuckin’ LOVES King’s Hawaiian bread (in my hand). This is her “Y U no gimme dat breadz mom??” face.

"But I need to stick my butt out or my erection will touch you!"