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Here’s the underside of the recording 3DS (for those who are curious). Took almost a month cause of the # of orders.

So first I give you a quick picture as a hint of what I bought. And add a quick video http://youtu.be/peL2ZPlJDrk

My cat is currently in loaf form. She isn’t sure how to handle seeing the pictures on the screen of my phone.

So she is hugging her catnip rainbow.

Oh! Did I forget to share that there’s a Peeps store in the Mall of America and I picked these adorable guys up??

Mom! Dammit! I’m standing on your leg for lovin’s not pictures!!

OMG these chips!!

And now I sort of want to watch 13 Going on 30.

It’s naptime at Chez Hestiah’s House of Sick and Ill. And my cat wants to make sure I don’t go far.

Domo-kun toast and veggie egg scramble. Yummy!! (Really the toast makes it all better)

And some breath spray!

The bacon area!

These bandaids!! <3!

These bandaids!! <3!


I also found my husband on some candy!

At this giant candy store right now. Good-bye money!

I want this.

Now that I have the non-watermarked version, I changed the background of my phone.

Dress two!!