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But it’s all in my car. Desk. 3 storage items. Done.

And then my cat decided to do this while I was gone. Awesome, thanks cat.

I rarely wear these things, but they’re a nice token of events I’ve participated in.

It’s a really beautiful theater though.

The flash pic is to show the pretty blue color. It washes out everything else though.

I did!! Shared it a few tweets ago… erm, mobile is bad for being able to easily share again, so here…

Mmmm… sparkling sake…

And now for another episode of Conversations with the BFF.

It’s on the other side of the claim jumper. It would have been silly to drive there. Ha ha ha!

Lounging by the window. I’m feeling very fancy.

And done! All glued and attached. And ready for gifting. Well, after I out some hair on it.

What about this face??

Face good? Or funky?

And artist I am not, but I felt this need to do it anyway. Plus, Horde symbol is MUCH easier than Ally.

I’m about to enjoy the hell outta these! (Justin’s PB is so amazing, btw!)

It barely fits on the shelf where I made some space for it! I definitely need more shelving!

I have a very difficult decision to make…

Organizing all the pieces seems to make building go better. Should have done this from the start.

Cauldron. Fireplace with a ship in a bottle. Window boarded up.

Cauldron. Fireplace with a ship in a bottle. Window boarded up.