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Tonight’s beer of choice! (Note that triple is spelled wrong and I sort of love it!)

I think I need this to hold my headphones. Yup. Need. Ha ha ha!!

Hashtag I did it all for the cookie!

Here you go! Like I said, I can zoom in on the website and get slightly larger screencaps.

Sorry, I wasn’t bring very clear!

Sorry, I wasn’t bring very clear!

Using my cat as a warming foot rest (not really but she’s being nosy as hell, so I figured why not).

Guess what I’m gonna dow load and peruse.

Rorschach inkblot. All I see is a jaeger. I wonder what that says about my personalit.

I think it says Montana. But if I have to google the zip to be sure, write better.

Tiny baby ghost nail! :)

My cat looks like she’s being punished. Like I said “No comfy bed for you!” (I didn’t).

Sometimes the only answer is “Yes!” to pretty pink lights!

Macro writing from my EQ days. Why I felt the need to print out the code, I dunno. I think I wanted to edit it??

My cat is being super cute and adorable. She’s lazily playing with a puffball. Here she is mid-”attack”.

I totes got the cuddle the babby tiger!!

Okay, maybe no cuddling cause the baby’s sleeping.

After Ikea (still messy, but I’m still organizing):

Before Ikea: (an absolute mess, btw)

“Thanks for dumping your clothes on the floor for me to lay on mom!”