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The non-leather ones fit much better. The velcro actually works. I guess I’m getting those.

The Velcro bit is almost all the way around to touching itself. That’s the overage on my fingers. Smallest leather.

Here’s the black in medium (with the booby button kinda straining). I like the white more, personally.

. That was a large. Here’s a medium (I can’t button the booby button).

Twitter-hive-mind, I want this jacket. Do I *need* this jacket? (It also comes in black but I want the cream)

So that was a very successful run. Holy crap!

Swarm of Nosepass! Wth kind of Pokemon are these?!?

This is legit mine. I don’t have iOS7 though. Ha ha ha!


I totally forgot I bought these Pokemon/Avengers cross-over prints! I need frames!

Has Wobbuffet always had lipstick?

My cat vs. the tiger blanket!

Goodbye miley cyrus! Ha ha ha!

How damn perfect do you have to be to get the last half a star?!? Ugh! #PokemonXY

Well, right after I typed it, it sort of happened on it’s own with the green pack. Ha ha ha!

Because of the way the pizza was cut, I ended up with a teeny slice. Ha ha ha!

Pumpkin Spice coffee syrup! I’m so ready for a coffee now!

Are you serious right now?? My little Pokemon me is holding the sam 3DS as I am!

Cute freakin' gif I made! But there's a shadow trail. Anyone know how to get rid of that?? Maybe??!?

Omg!! Download faster! Okay. So lets be real. If this homework isn’t done by the time Pokemon downloads…