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Feminist. Atheist. Gamer. Crafter. Writer. Pre-Counselor. Wicked potty mouth. Probably a baddie. #HotS #3DS #WoW #D3

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Serious writing pants.

Oh crap! I totally forgot! We were going for a subtle hombre look. The brown will lighten and the reds will brighten.

Hashtag lololololololol

This made me have a happy!

Oh Bunnie! Ha ha ha! #ACNL

My cat has a pumpkin on her butt!!

The blender is amazing. My first smoothie thingy (milk, greek yogurt, blueberries, and some other berry mix).

My BFF and I… really do think alike.

My cat not 5 minutes after I wake up: Oh cool! The mom-bed turned over so I can go lay on her now! (She’s still here)

I got some cool mail today!! :D (cc: )

TARDIS shirt. (Cc: )

I went to put my glasses on and they seemed all put of sorts. I guess the sun coming through the blinds did this.

My cat just want to cuddle.

My cat just want to cuddle.

My cat just want to cuddle.

Whoa Fortune cookie!

Calendar of events. This one has a lot of feels wrapped up in it!

For how much she charges, it's so worth it. I got a Doctor Who one too that makes me happy!

Breaking in the boots. I have big calves & ankles so they look odd. I also look like I have clown feet. But burgandy!

Woo! Blizzcon cards came today! #FridayWinning is still in effect!