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A Chemist, bartender, Mac, Gamer, Rock/Metal music fan. Quiet, geeky, and misanthropic for the most part. Go Liverpool!

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Damn it! & keep posting stuff about tours & I haven't seen 'em live since '06! :(

My iPhone's Home Screen

Será un tease para el season 6 o 7 de #GameOfThrones?
Jon Snow…Stark…Targaryen y Daenerys Stormborn…

Daenerys! Daenerys!! Daenerys!!! #GameOfThrones #TeamTargaryen

Lo que mi computadora hace sola mientras yo no estoy…cabrona, eres un éxito! (that one doesn't air until 11PM) :D

That's one small step for Apple, one giant leap for mankind!

Who would've thought! The things Twitter knows about me that not even I knew! ;)

Para que carajos #StopSOPA, #StopPIPA y #StopACTA si de todos modos bloquean lo que les da la gana!

Thank you very much! :)

Eso leí orita…pero me estuvo muy raro que me cobraran solo $0.50 de shipping

Este debería ser el precio de todo juego de Call Of Duty
Bwajajaja! :D

RIP Steve Jobs

yeah...and start with starfruit...

Lo único que veo son las bolas de


cuando yo complete todos los puzzles, esto me sale

It's the end of the world and I'm ready to go! :D

I am in love! <3 :D Latvia's Ksenia Solo (Kenzi in 'Lost Girl')

SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs Full Deployment Edition ORDERED! :D From $150, I'll pay $104.99

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