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Florian puts the smackdown on Louis

Today's goin better than yesterday.

Even my cat's an #AdamHood fan

This isn't goin very well today...

Pretty excited about my new sippy cup with the flip-top lid

Girl shoes and the hundred-hour floor

Creepy empty storefront

Riley's Irish Pub collapsed about 2:15 this morning

Abstract art? Nope, part of the dropped ceiling from the back bedroom.

Owies already and I'm wearin gloves. #HelloKitty band-aids make it better.

My supervisor layin down on the job

Florian Photo of the Day: Belly up for a nap

At sunset the sky looked like it was on fire

Florian Photo of the Day: in his pillow fortress of solitude

So this is what the house looks like at 11:15 a.m. We'll see how much of that peeling paint disappears by dark

Florian Photo of the Day

Y'all, I have wanted a Vera Bradley tote for YEARS. Finally bought myself one and I love, love, love it!

Florian: "Excuse me, Louis, but" **taptap** "you're eating my kibble" (Note tiny paw just above Louis.)

My brother's lil niece Collins.

Pulled a giant splinter out of Florian's leg where that light spot is. Poor kitty.