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My Friday morning happy. cc/

I can't say that I know what this mise-en-scene in our kitchen means, but I will say that it disturbs me.

You can't quite see the look of misery on her face, but it's there.

My wubby. I wuv it.

Because if you were a cat, wouldn't YOU want someone to drape a pair of mini-pants over YOUR back end?

This is what happens to my household when I am sick

The view from my sick bed: one child, one cat, and one bucket of Halloween candy.

Fireman Jasper tried to fine the Schnoodle for overlit pumpkins but he got off on grounds of adorableness

For Halloween, I'm going as and #blissdomcanada

We can has Halloween.

And then, , I did this...


Breakfast of champions. ( and I, in bed with cupcakes, i.e. EXACTLY WHERE WE SHOULD BE.)

Will the real Her Bad Mother please stand up? #blissdomcanada

. demonstrates how dorks do awesome, awesomely, and with extra awesomesauce #blissdomcanada

Her Bad Mother got her hair did. #blissdomcanada

Getting a professional blow-out means accidental exposure to Cosmo magazine. #learningthings

Oh, hai: look at the mapletastic bling that is giving #blissdomcanada attendees. LOVE.

This is tonight's CHILLAXIN' look #blissdomcanada

Is this the face of someone who is worried about a strike? #blissdomcanada