i dusnt be gud wiv spellin. i run #keepfits on fersdys #tweetchoir on mundys an henryandfriends1 dus be my yoo tewb channul. emayl henryandfriends @ fsmail .net

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nowtiss bord .. it dus be importunt to av sum kwite time eech day eevun if it dus ownly be for a minnit

  • 879 days ago via site
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nowtiss bord .. we al av mowntins to clym sumtimes. sum is ard wuns but it dus always be werf it to get to th top

  • 880 days ago via site
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nowtiss bord .. wen yoo got new fings to lern sumtimes yoo jus got to not fink bowt it an gow for it

  • 881 days ago via site
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nowtiss bord .. sharing fings dus be gud beecos then evrrywun dus get to injoy fings. so downt tayk them al

  • 882 days ago via site
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nowtiss bord .. spendin appy time wiv famly an frends dus be bestist fing wot yoo can do

  • 883 days ago via site
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nowtiss bord .. al fings in modrayshun dus be gud cos to much of gud fings dusnt always werk owt wel i finks

  • 884 days ago via site
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nowtiss bord .. tewnful tewsdy dus be a day for singin an liftin yor spirrits. it dusnt matta wot song yoo sings

  • 885 days ago via site
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nowtiss bord .. yoo dusnt av to do th saym as evrrywun els. be yor own self an do yor own fing in yor own way

  • 886 days ago via site
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nowtiss bord .. i got my insyd sunshines to yews for wen it dus be gray day owtside. yoo can yews yors aswel

  • 887 days ago via site
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nowtiss bord .. beefor maykin judjmunt bowt sumfing or sumwun mayk shor yoo got al th rite fakts ferst

  • 888 days ago via site
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nowtiss bord .. downt jus rush parst fings .. tayk a gud look at ower wundaful werld

  • 889 days ago via site
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nowtiss bord dus be wun yeer old an i finks yoo al no now wot yoo shud be dooin .. giv luv .. spred luv an be luv

  • 890 days ago via site
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in memry of them hoo did giv so much in werld war wun .. we sing this tribbewt #tweetchoir

  • 900 days ago via site
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edwud dus be owtside wiv ise creem van an evrryfing we av dus be sewtubbul for evrrywun at #keepfits

  • 911 days ago via site
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i dus be verry prowd to sho my #teddyolympics meddul .. an i dus be on th meddul aswel

  • 932 days ago via site
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appy berfday deer deesul .. i ope yoo injoys yor speshul day

  • 940 days ago via site
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yestaday we did av sooshee for dinna an barkly did share kewkumba wot ee did gro in gardun. yummy

  • 947 days ago via site
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an wen we got to top of rooins we cud see lots ..

  • 950 days ago via site
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ther wos sines wot sed no clymin but ther didnt be wun eer so me an did gow clymin hy up

  • 950 days ago via site
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me an did find monustry wot wos rooins an we did egsplor it

  • 950 days ago via site
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