i dusnt be gud wiv spellin. i run #keepfits on fersdys #tweetchoir on mundys an henryandfriends1 dus be my yoo tewb channul. emayl henryandfriends @ fsmail .net

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nowtiss bord .. we al noes not to look strayt at th sun. so jus poynt th camra look uvva way an wayt for serpryz

  • 753 days ago via site
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nowtiss bord .. wen ortum coms we finks of winta an dusnt be so appy but ortum givs lots wot we can injoy

  • 754 days ago via site
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nowtiss bord .. werdliss wensdy beecos it dus be rood to tork wiv mowf ful

  • 755 days ago via site
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nowtiss bord .. tewnful tewsdy .. be appy an sing yor art owt

  • 756 days ago via site
  • 90

nowtiss bord .. naycha givs bewtiful fings to look it an we shudnt nevva try an chaynj it. we shud prowtekt it

  • 757 days ago via site
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nowtiss bord .. beein wyz is bowt yewsin eys to see an eers to lissun an avin gud art. it dusnt be bowt spellin

  • 758 days ago via site
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nowtiss bord .. insted of beein borin yewsin majinayshun can mayk sumfing much mor intrestin than it wud be

  • 759 days ago via site
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nowtiss bord .. sumtimes avin disgyz dus be bestist fing for slef presvayshun

  • 760 days ago via site
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nowtiss bord .. sumtimes it dus be egsytin to see fings from difrunt perspektif. wy not try it for yorself

  • 761 days ago via site
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nowtiss bord .. tryin ard an not givin up dus be gud fings but yoo av to no aswel wen it dus be bestist to giv up

  • 762 days ago via site
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nowtiss bord .. tewnful tewsdy .. a bryt an bewitful day tooday so joyn in wiv th singin .. an wun to free for ♫

  • 763 days ago via site
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nowtiss bord .. wen yoo av to do sumfing yoo finks yoo dusnt want to do it mite sumtimes tern owt to be gud

  • 764 days ago via site
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nowtiss bord .. spred yor smyls arownd th werld

  • 766 days ago via site
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nowtiss bord .. ortum brings shorta days an longa nites. remba to gavva evrryfing in so yoo is reddy for th winta

  • 766 days ago via site
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nowtiss bord .. th yewnytid kingdum dus be yewnytid

  • 767 days ago via site
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nowtiss bord .. always reespekt uvva vews speshly if they is difrunt to yors an ard to undastand

  • 768 days ago via site
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nowtiss bord .. thees forts is for frends an this dus be for yoo

  • 769 days ago via site
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nowtiss bord .. tewnful tewsday .. singin erlps th day gow betta. reddy an wun to free ♫ sing as we gow ♫

  • 770 days ago via site
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nowtiss bord .. wen yoo carnt av wot yoo want lern to be appy wiv wot yoo got an mayk bestist of it

  • 771 days ago via site
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nowtiss bord .. downt be sad that summa av gon. welcom wot ortum brings us

  • 773 days ago via site
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