i dusnt be gud wiv spellin. i run #keepfits on fersdys #tweetchoir on mundys an henryandfriends1 dus be my yoo tewb channul. emayl henryandfriends @ fsmail .net

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steem trane wot did pul th trane me an wos on tooday on th ile of wite

  • 1505 days ago via site
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eer is wen i went to get so ee cud com an visit us for a piknik

  • 1508 days ago via site
  • 70

eer is me an wochin th botes wen we wos at see side

  • 1530 days ago via site
  • 170

this dus be my fifty fowsunf tweet an is egstra prowd mowmunt wot i share wiv my frends. fank yoo .. i luvs yoo al

  • 1535 days ago via site
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this kokrul did jus wanda rownd an did reemind me of chikchik

  • 1545 days ago via site
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eer we is avin ower lunch. did av banannana an see ow big th muffin dus be wot edwud do av

  • 1545 days ago via site
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en eer dus be fred brandy an snowy .. al th wuns wot did sponsa for pawpawty pryzis

  • 1545 days ago via site
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i did tayk stifikut an pisher of snowy wiv me so i wud no im .. an ther ee wos in th feeld

  • 1545 days ago via site
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this donky wos larfin at me cos ee dint nevva see a bear sittin on th fenss beefor

  • 1545 days ago via site
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eer is ferst feeld wiv lots of donkys

  • 1545 days ago via site
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... me an did av bigguggs

  • 1594 days ago via site
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ere is me an avin ower lunch an can yoo see trakta wot dus be ther aswel ... vrooooom

  • 1594 days ago via site
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.. this wun dus be for yoo mooki. it wos from ower oliday wen we did gow an see al th aminals. i did try to cach wun for yoo but they did run to farst for me

  • 1602 days ago via site
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ere is pisher of cabbin from uvva side of wun of th layks wot wos in th park

  • 1606 days ago via site
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ere is th duk taykin al er baybys for a wark. then they did al gow swimmin

  • 1608 days ago via site
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this dus be vyew from ower cabbin wott is rite by th layk in th park

  • 1608 days ago via site
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ere is me an lippe lookin at th carssl. it dus be reely old an king wot wos calld henry did liv ther but it dint be me

  • 1616 days ago via site
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izzy wos playin wiv er toy an did moov er paw an wos reddy to pownss

  • 1633 days ago via site
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ere dus be izzy hoo did com from bermun reskew an now livs wiv sharley an loosys mum

  • 1645 days ago via site
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deer loosy .. yoo dus now be toogevva agin wiv sharley. we luv yoo lots an dus nevva forget yoo

  • 1659 days ago via site
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