i dusnt be gud wiv spellin. i run #keepfits on fersdys #tweetchoir on mundys an henryandfriends1 dus be my yoo tewb channul. emayl henryandfriends @ fsmail .net

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#keepfits treets .. plees elp yorself. ther dus be sumfing for evrrywun i finks

  • about an hour ago via site
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nowtiss bord .. always reespekt uvva vews speshly if they is difrunt to yors an ard to undastand

  • about 14 hours ago via site
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nowtiss bord .. thees forts is for frends an this dus be for yoo

  • 1 day ago via site
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nowtiss bord .. tewnful tewsday .. singin erlps th day gow betta. reddy an wun to free ♫ sing as we gow ♫

  • 2 days ago via site
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sekkund song for #tweetchoir dus giv th deepa voysis a chanss for gud singin .. luv chaynjis evrryfing mykul bal

  • 3 days ago via site
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ower ferst song for #tweetchoir dus be sumfing insyd so strong by labby siffry

  • 3 days ago via site
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nowtiss bord .. wen yoo carnt av wot yoo want lern to be appy wiv wot yoo got an mayk bestist of it

  • 3 days ago via site
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nowtiss bord .. downt be sad that summa av gon. welcom wot ortum brings us

  • 4 days ago via site
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nowtiss bord .. if yoo is payshunt naycha can sho yoo ow to tern wun fing into sumfing kwite difrunt

  • 5 days ago via site
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nowtiss bord .. we av to embrayss chaynj eevun if we dusnt like it but sumtimes th chaynjis dus be werf it

  • 6 days ago via site
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#keepfits treets .. plees elp yorselfs

  • 7 days ago via site
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i unvayl new eekwipmunt for #keepfits jim

  • 7 days ago via site
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nowtiss bord .. we shud al yews ower eys to look rownd us but remba that sumtimes it dus be werf lookin down aswel

  • 7 days ago via site
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nowtiss bord .. always reed th smal print cos that dus be ware importunt informayshun dus yewsly be

  • 8 days ago via site
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nowtiss bord .. tewnful tewsdy .. tayk a deep bref an gow for it

  • 9 days ago via site
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sekkund song at #tweetchoir dus be wun day eyll fly away by randy crorfud

  • 10 days ago via site
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ferst song at #tweetchoir dus av my fayvrit mesik .. an th werds wos sung by terry wogun

  • 10 days ago via site
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nowtiss bord .. we shud nevva judj sumfing jus by lookin at th owtsyd. it dusnt always sho wot dus be on th insyd

  • 10 days ago via site
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nowtiss bord .. rembrin frends an spendin time wiv them dus be verry importunt fing to do

  • 11 days ago via site
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nowtiss bord ... not al serpryzis dus be gud wuns

  • 12 days ago via site
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