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Swearing and old timey stuff is my favorite. These are my personal tweets. For my work tweets, please follow @HelloYarnShop.

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Guys! Guys! Happy Friday, guys!!

We probably could have gotten 6 yolks from 3 eggs, but Mark wasn't that hungry. That's a big egg.

Two eggs, both double yolks!

Someone put this photo of me and Mark on Facebook. Such young, fresh heads! I forget we looked like that.

Some ridiculous fuzzball cuteness for the afternoon.


Just riding in my carseat.

I always make way too many homefries. How did I think 2 people could eat this all?

Pippa is enjoying springtime.

Canada is a magical place.

Our GPS is making us drive straight at a mountain. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!

Found at my mom's house-

She can only do it if she's not looking at the treats.

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