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Pinnochio's is my go to place now. More places on earth should be this simple and old and beautiful.

The geodesic dome is covered now. It's gettin all Martian Chronicles up in here. #OccupyHarvard

My parents had to euthanize their daschund, Max. He will be missed. Godspeed Max.

Lucy and Schubert say Hi!

Thumb Crust

Apparently the geodesic structure is for meetings.

A geodesic structure has appeared!

It's amazing that they just do this. #basset365

Sunset over Boothbay Harbor, Maine. RIDICULOUS!

Turkey Trax

Bassets Wuz Here

Turkeys wuz here.

There's snow here! Woohoo!!

I hope some of the ridiculous management edicts at the Kennebunk Service Plaza Starbucks are legible in this photo

They've put up awnings so we can be protected whilst identifying ourselves. Thank you sweet Mother Crimson. VERITAS!!!

Optigans, Optigans everywhere. Too many goddam Optigans.

On this episode of "This Old Rehearsal Space"

Thumbs Up! For FOUR WEEKS. At least it reflects my sunny outlook on life.

Thumb exposed!!!

Dear Occupiers, the Kennedy School of Government courtyard. Just sayin....