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stealth hounds. #doxieposse

stealth hounds. #doxieposse

Distant but happy view of Centennial park from my desk on the 21st floor of a modernist (yawn) building on Peachtree St

Stephen Hawking helps open the London Paralympics. This got me.

I lack the will to resist this many candy pumpkins.

there's enough to share!

Pup sundae!

Canning homemade blueberry jam. No burns or spills this time.

Correct reading posture. #longdog

Good thing the Publix at Toco Hills has all the bases covered with Kashruth Easter cupcakes.

Tuckered out from pup sundae.

Gin gobbling up her pup sundae at Brusters.

thanks! Ooh, pretty. I like the soft pink in your photo. We mostly see shocking pink and white.

Twitpic #fail. Let's the this again. Gin with spring flowering goodness. sigh. #longdog

Pink dogwoods, my personal favorite, no doxie butts about it.

And her best side.

And this...

Took my girly dog out for some pics with the pretty flowers. This happened.

Payoff for allergic misery: Atlanta's blooming trees & shrubs. Pink dogwood & azaleas, front yard

I really hope the plants are enjoying getting it on. We're all doped up on allergy meds here in Atlanta. Even poor Gin.

the last shopping trip yielded this beloved wubba.