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"It's just so happy to be a box..."

To be honest, I have my doubts as to the usability of this concept.

I also drew rpattz, but I don't think he looks dead enough inside.

poe lyf

Then I decided he wasn't stereotypical enough, so I added a raven.

Bored and lonely, so I drew Poe. Perfectly normal.

I found these pics of my red hair on my SLR's CF card... I miss you, flame-head :(

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Well, they have a mountain of pink frosting and sprinkles. They can't be all bad.

So cute!

sneak peak- supposed to be her with the bow, me... not with the bow. Ahhh haven't sketched in so long.

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Made myself look like a 17 year old ~*emotional*~ kid. This is what boredom will do to you. Boredom and backcombing. #nowIlook17maybepetewentzwillsignme

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I stole this pin from Mikey Way...

check out these adorable new sunglasses! Yeah, not even denying that I'm a bit of a hipster, now.

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The sum total of my modernism revision so far.

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I love how the petals fit together on jasmine.

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Enjoy this Miyazaki-esque graffiti I pass everyday.

Yup, totally studying. #jellyfishmyconstantcompanion

Ahhhhh, I did a thing.

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Oh crap, this accidentally went in my mouth.

tbh, it was pretty sunny but I think my white balance was all screwed up.

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