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I'm an actor; I'm the opposite of a person. San Francisco bound in July!

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oddly, there are people out there who would pay to see siamese twins make out... (you people are gross!)

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oh, hello there 4am, we meet again. (and studying the greatness that is Algebraic and Axiomatic systems)

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REMEMBER: *never* send "lazy sunday" pics via iPhone (friends will think you're trying to seduce them ;-p)

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A-HA! benefits of cleaning: one finds their collection of 'Family Ties'. Don't judge me, MJF was my childhood OTP!

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the tip of the iceberg in terms of the mess on my floor... at least i don't have cats...nor branches coming thru my walls.

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and yes, i wear Bob Dylan concert t's to bed, who DOESN'T want to sleep with the Zimmerman (circa 1965)?

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there. bed made. i feel less..."Grey Gardens"-y...

  • 1677 days ago via site
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immediately after watching 'Grey Gardens', I feel the need to clean my room...(it's a mess in my mind)

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oh, Maine, I am still bored with thee. (off to rehearsal in a few moments once i put more clothes on, ha)

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Maine, I am bored with thee... {SF in ~4 weeks}

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Charlie Vermont: railroad tycoon and amatuer boxer, yours truly: the whore.

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needs to start wearing her glasses more often... {eye} drs orders... grumblegrumble

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halloween costume... granted, yes- i already do live in my cap and jacket enough as it is.

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what could possibly beat Austen? oh yes- ZOMBIES

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photoshoot for 'Tea and Sympathy'

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love it.

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gets to wear a kick ass kimono @ the St.Lawrence show this weekend...I may hide "Natalie" the theatre cat, in one of its monster sleeves...

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told me to.

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