Relocated Jewish Masshole living in the heart of the bible belt. I'm blue through and through. I love my Red Sox, Patriots, and Avs and tweet tons about them.

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I hope this isn't true...... this is disgusting. Homosexuality bigger threat to the US than terrorism?

For ... original few rounds of march madness team selecting. Notice mine LOL no idea what I was doing

My new heels. Awkward angle but I wanted to show the cute side of it :)

For .. my work computer background

I love Tennessee........oh wow.

Holy fog....

Blurry since I'm biking but espn is closest tv. Trying 45 min on bike (prev high 31) so I can keep watching.

Started on july 26th being able to do 14 minutes barely on the bike. Just did 31 min and I could have gone longer!

Just incase I didn't know its ' bday today....fb tells me about 2 years ago LOL

I'm really worried I have an injured shoulder........and I can't blame it on prev injury since nerve damage was other 1

Oh god oh god oh god oh god...I just grabbed the shirt my mom had sent without even looking. Cutting up RIGHT AFTER THIS

These are brand new shorts wearing today for first time. Purchased a month ago. They were too tight on me. This sucks.


Yup... I write on a slant.

Yes this is on my tv. I hate the bible belt

How my roommates guest parked their car. Uhm wtf

Yup seeing hp for the last time in theaters tonight. its the end of an era :( :(

Awesome ending to the day. Watching staff bp. No I'm not taking part I have never swung a bat in my life

Bachelor pad on my tv....red sox game on my computer. Life is good.

Personally id prefer this outfit buuuuuuut lol