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My hair just wants to rock, guys.

Did YOUR neighbor make you cinnamon toast this morning?

This is what my hair naturally does. Escaped mental patient, or slightly punk? You be the judge.

My cheating on continues. #illicitbreakfastencounters

Feel sick, messed up left ankle. Let's dance, walk home. #LNK

I'm leaving for this.


On the road...! Hell yeah, truck ftw.

still hiding in my bathtub.

From the not-terrible part of last night. #saptweets #ajaisagreatphotographer

The rest of my afternoon...

Ads, 'sucking it', and stabbings at the council bluffs walmart. #anxietygiving

for what it's worth... I found the alcohol. I hope you did too.

Always love. Hate will get you every time.

Prepared to give some thanks, bitches.

Sandwiches on the dash.

definitely not imaginary.

Dinner. #foodtweets