listen up fives, a ten is tweeting.

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#nowtasting I made a hockey joke about this one, no one here got it. Where you at, #Caps fans? #Wiscotchsin

Your Saturday night is invalid. #Wiscotchsin

Another BRUTAL #Blackhawks #jerseyfoul for the files. All the Stanley Cup years. Ooooofff.

Not sure I can explain this #Blackhawks #jerseyfoul. cc:

#Blackhawks just held an Oath of Enlistment ceremony on the ice for the U.S. Armed Services.

#CRAWESOME save in camouflage. #Blackhawks

It begins.

For the #Blackhawks power play. #drink

I might fashion this into badge of honor. And I'm the furthest thing from a Canucks fan.

For and . This is an amesowe jersey.

They're putting Christmas lights up outside my parents' place already. It's almost 60°. #toosoon

Touchpoint gloves made for Smartphone users. (touchscreen-friendly) Awesome. Thanks !

The aftermath of the Halloween hairdo. #YammaHamma

Me and . Happy Halloween! #ParksAndRec

Someone bring me all of the bacon and eggs. Happy Halloween! #ParksAndRec

Mine isn't ready yet, but the dog's good to go.

Mr. Luongo, this gentleman would like to speak with you about your new mask & some copyright issues. #Canucks

Fans of the #NHL: there's close to a 50% chance this band sings your goal song. (Hint: it's )