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Heavy Equipment Operating Texan Patriot Pro-Solar Veggie Growing Equine Spoiling Jesus Loving Pistol Packin Anti Obama Grand Momma! #STOPtheBuses #NoAmnesty

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Some images make you "Look Twice" at Obama.

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Does anything about this AD strike you as Out of Place?

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Hi Im Joshua Heath Chellew.I was beaten unconscious by Black Strangers,ran over too. I Died. Tell My Story. RIP

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Use your Brain&Dont Forget~These Syrian Rebels John McCain is Posing with as his Friends~THEY ARE ISIS!

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Remember Brian Terry this Labor Day Holiday #BrianTerry Murdered byMexicans,armed by the USDOJ ty

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Trey Gowdy tells is like it is!

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"Black on Black Crime" Why's it never discussed as Legitimate Crime?

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9-11-14 2Million+ This Year! 2Million a Foot and 2 Million RV's would Be Sweet! "Picnic at The Obamas"

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"One Man is a Face of The Future.The other still Lives & Promotes the Past".Not hard to distinguish.

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Malcolm X "Nailed this One"!

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Gaze upon the Weak that dont Dare take on someone their Age~Blacks beat an Elderly White Man and He Died. #Ferguson

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What about My Future?

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Take a Good Long look! These 3 Raped a 6 mos Pregnant Woman and Beat her Blind Husband! #Windchimes

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Obama arrives at the White House clearly Not Happy his vacation's been interrupted!

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Hi. Im Jacqueline Gardner.I was Attacked By 3 Blacks for My Tips.They Murdered Me. "Tell My Story".#JoesCrabShack

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A 2yr old Toddler of a Christian Family taken by ISIS~Returned with Bites&Claw Marks,Brutalized! ty

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"Major General Harold Greene"A Father,Soldier,Leader.Assassinated from 100Yds.Your Death will NOT be In Vain Sir.

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"The Eyes are The Window to The Soul". Take a good long look. #RecogniseEvil

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