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he's got a big league chew right next to his bed! Hard...


His drink is called "summer sun", what a little girl

Now wasn't that cute

Squeezin through, look at that bitch face

Chilling outside...like a bitch

Wow! 5000$ and now a little prize pack with Tshirt, CD and book? John Tesh loves this dick.

sexy facebook app update circa last night.

MacBook! Now I have every geeky toy...except a blackberry

Well now it's officially really annoying...

How fun is my new shirt

The fire is dying down, why am I still up

Bouncing in my white-T


I feel dirty

Dissecting a ferret at Jew camp...for jokes

nossim 96 bunkmates baby

Sucked that candy apple's dick

About to suck this candy apple's dick