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LOL! I'm so big in this hallway...

Tucker's wearing pants!!!

Does this make anybody hungry?

xbox screen and a quote from him "Worst piece of fucking shit console.
Fuck you Bill."

yeah but youre playing on amateur notice the symbols in the bottom middle of my pic?That means I never lowered the difficulty N00B!

This is what sterlings tv looked like from playing Borderlands today...lol

no way you're that far

Shelbys new spot

always stocked

Guys that look like this shouldn't be able to hang onto a gf

Look at this loser with his blackberry hip harness

These bitches really love the mirror

English courses ad FAIL.

Disgusting....I mean, COOL!

AAAgaming...the set!

Ok times up! Here's the real person it was modeled after!

Painted this for my friend Jon...does anybody know who it is? My dad knew but didn't.

squeeze yo furry dice

Very exciting!

s new haircut!