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never tried those but I've used this too....

I've fucked with this stuff before

absolutely not... I don't even download pirated music.

Just started using my to capture!! No power chord needed keeps it so clean!

. thanks for the gear guys! wants to drape her body in it..

Here's a tweet for the miserable team that doesn't follow me but still reads my timeline!

Red Pill/Blue Pill? VOTE everyday http://www.Platetopper.com/bacon #PictureRelevant

Red Pill/Blue Pill?

RT : Im going to message you my email

RT : Im going to message you my email

[to Batarians] you see this logo on my chest?!!! It means NOT WELCOME!!

So, it's Friday...that means a message from my buddy here... #FF (now you just need to RT)

Des and I in our matching LOST t-shirts psyched up for the finale!

Ameer hoards his sperm!


LOST actors in early years: Charlie (so ugly!!! lol)

LOST actors in early years: Jack

LOST actors in early years: Sawyer

on musiqueplus

On musique plus!