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D inking is fun!

D something a bit like this?

D some incredibly quick sketchs, will be doing more after (late) dinner. Doable idea?

Biro sketch just because (photo reference)

Sketching faces with Paintjoy again. I would love a bigger screen... and some sort of wizardly pressure sensitivity.

Local paper in pun-related disaster (Wharfdale Valley Times)

Malboro Man (ps don't smoke)

more astronauts. With my patented "awkward run".

evidently the Tories are still a little confused as to the definition of Coalition.

the thrilling conclusion!

bank holiday muppetpluckers!

I like drawing astronauts... indulging in the school of pocket comicing.

Forgive me, but that's not *quite* how FTTP works is it?

magnets. How they work.

Bunny Mini + Kindle3 = hey, it's ok!

om nomnomnom

I *think* basil and oregano? I'm not really sure as I just use a cheap "mixed herbs" thing.

We're in Whitby. The view is...

a note very good quick sketch of

Oh clarrrk...

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