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What is going on? I'm going crazy!

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look what I went looking for cause I was bored!!

Strawberry and peach smoothies #nightwellspent #healthyhannah


Lesbian table WYD style #lourdesbant

Is it bad I heard the baby was called George and thought of this guy?!

Grans dog #barry #cutie

Itinerary for WYD, look what we get to show off!!

Sibling love!

Omg owl!!


Round 2!

Night in!

Mum buys blender for health drinks, hannah makes beasting chocolate milkshake!

Mind that time everyone I was talking to went to bed and I was left sitting watching these two!

Phones charging on the boat, plugged in at random points

Caira leaves, daniel and I get the drawer out! #yabba #partyoftwo #trumanshow

memories of last saturday at the IF campaign in belfast:)

Hannah doing the dishes, hello twitter

Me and ma homie!

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