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I sell and trade art..tweet me or email me at Hannahc.snider@gmail.com

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At work just sliced The FUCK out of my finger!!! Owwwwwww!!!

Got katies birthday present!

Daisy was so cute..now shes an old lady..

Mel made her sisters and herself into simpsons haha awesome

Curious tentacles

So thirsty waiting for chinese food..yum

My kittiez love each other

Zombie hand in troys lava lamp

just sent me on a journey i was not prepared for..

Making Austin Vorhpal a super psychedelic space babe!!!

Abstract Skull I made today

Home made Vegetarian mushroom tortillini

Painting space!!!

Vegetarian meatballs!!!! My mom is the best <3

Vegetarian meatballs!!!! My mom is the best <3

92yr old customer never fails to give me candy each week, and also tell a joke to whoever is at the table next to him.

92 yr guy at work never fails to give me candy..and tell whoevers next to him a joke..love it

Katie is making cool art!!

Katies makin cool art

Found an old Polaroid from when we brought home daisy..just a pup. Should see her now shes a freak.