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I ate almost seven avocados in 4 days. #avocadoaddiction I might actually eat that last one for dinner...

attempting to make little French fries.

I literally cannot stop eating these pineapple bits. they're too delicious. they should be #illegal

lol daisy...

my mess nest

and on the inside...

wow this is on a card now

good way to spot procrastinators, they're out shopping 2 days before Christmas. I'm right there with you guys.

won't be able to eat this in a few days!

my new glow in the dark wall stickies came with 5 saturns. #idonteven

I wonder what this is.... ^_^

what's worse than an eyelash in your eye? this....

on the #ASL dictionary in my class. what sign is that?? "oh no she di'int!!"

you're right. I can. happy bday to me

yup. I'm screwed alright. I had a funny video to show you all too. :(

today might be the last day I drink chocolate milk. should I tell my dad? D:

my mom thinks a welsh corgi is gonna get ugly as it ages...

my mom thinks welsh corgis get ugly when they're old.

it's come back to avenge its family

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