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Sometimes i wish my life was more straight forward, then i realise just how boring that would be:)

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Any time I'm sad I just look at this picture and it cheers me up no end

Best thing i've ever received, I love my uni class. Thank you soooooo much xxxxxx

Yaaaaay, E=Mc2

Mulan movie night #wearemen

Touch my bum, this is life

My first uni dinner #ginspaghetti

Oi town, come at us bruuuuv!

love you

Ooooh sweet sweet Bella!

I don't think this guy was enjoying my banter as much as I was


It's a dog, driving a truck. I saw this yesterday, for real

Cooked cookies - resembling and tasting like a cookie dream

Cookies before cooked - resembling a large penis

What a pair or losers!

Wish I was here #oneyearago #timeofmylife

Looks good however it did not taste good #actually #itdoesntevenlookgood


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