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one gametalk convo I'd really like to listen to, and Caleb's spitting something into a bottle.. ptui-ptui #bb16

  • about 28 minutes ago via site
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Codysaurus clipping his nails, or talons (retry) #bb16

  • about an hour ago via site
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also today, pinkyswear #16 for the tally: Nicole/Victoria "don't tell anyone this" #bb16

  • about 6 hours ago via site
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finally, the other photobooth fan #bb16

  • about 11 hours ago via site
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one of this week's photobooth fans - Caleb is smitten #bb16

  • about 12 hours ago via site
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Derrick had to comfort crying drunken Victoria again, but that hair closeup! #Deathrace2014 #bb16

  • 1 day ago via site
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can't say anything nice so I won't say anything at all - Frankie's now on full, complete "dead to me" ignore #bb16

  • 2 days ago via site
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Nicole's talking to herself.. "I have no chance in this game" #bb16

  • 2 days ago via site
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feeds come back from fishies to this, I don't know #bb16

  • 3 days ago via site
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camera's #turntup again to give us yet another unusual angle #bb16

  • 3 days ago via site
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Caleb needed help to get walked to the bathroom to shower.. Cody led the way - wut?! he could chip in #bb16

  • 3 days ago via site
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Derrick's $5k ball is sticking up ready to be plucked - he said he was waiting on a rule clarification #bb16

  • 3 days ago via site
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skating and splatting.. this is always a fun comp to watch #bb16

  • 3 days ago via site
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come on, A-P-P-L-E is a first grade word #oops #bb16

  • 3 days ago via site
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Derrick gave Donny a touch-up to meet Julie #bb16

  • 3 days ago via site
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Frankie to Nicole: "I want to vote to keep you in this house, like I do" #pinocchio #bb16

  • 3 days ago via site
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Derrick points out that Donny has promised everyone he wouldn't put them up, which is impossible #bb16

  • 3 days ago via site
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Donny to Cody: "I've never wanted you out, never" lulz #bb16

  • 3 days ago via site
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cable guides for last night's show listed Caleb as HOH #oops #bb16

  • 3 days ago via site
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*discreet - Donny couldn't be more discrete than he already is #oops #goofstally #bb16

  • 7 days ago via site
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