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Not a good day for McDonald's. Or the bus stop at Wood and Sixth, apparently.

Because putting your blinkers on means you can park anywhere! Even in front of a bus stop.

Pick up your pre-reg Thursday night! Skip the line! #facedesk

just for you~ (I swear every pic I tried to take looked exceptionally creepy x_x;;;)

A gorgeous Christmas morning~

This is a picture of my work phone. :)


For anyone curious~ XD

Rain and fallen leaves: hello, October. <3

I think will understand how little I must have to do at work now for my desk to look like this. -_-;;;;

Waiting for the joust~

At the Renfaire with family~

Dessert acquired! ...if it lasts that long...

Dessert acquired! :D ...if it lasts that long...

Cute little candy dish Coworker M picked up for me on vacation~ #yesitscheap #butmorethoughtfulthanakeychain

Crap parking job of the day. #dormont #westliberty

finally getting back to making new patches~

Awwwww yisssss, patch blanks arrived. :D :D :D

I am sew happy to be done with this part! Seams like I've been working on it forever~