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Anime with more grown up characters world definitely change the face of Japanese animation.

A1 Pictures in charge of not fucking up the simplest things in animation. #magi

Mor's skirt is so distracting. That skirt does not make any sense.

I believe I know you better than you think!

Screw context! #hunterxhunter

Dat ponytail.

Started on Apocalypse Zero and this CANNOT be an ideal way to start your anime.

Megane with a headband? Not really a main character but a pretty moe girl if you ask me.

I thought it'd be nice to comment on Makishima's slender thighs. #psychopass

Listening to the Now and Then Here and There OST. I believe this is obligatory.

While a lot of the characters in K are based on Japanese myths, Weissman is associated with Christian imagery. #anime_K


Being Masaoka is suffering.

I like how this episode ends with Makishima wanting Shinya's dick. Lovely plot progression. #PsychoPass

Shinya's an anime blogger now. #PsychoPass

I am so fucking glad K was made. Thank you GoHands. Thank you! #anime_K

Is it just me or does this guy look like he's from a BL manga? #zetsuennotempest

This show is nothing but moe men playing rock paper scissors.

Tsundere moeshit pandering. #kaiji