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This is how I draft some of my blog posts. Notice how I slowly descend into madness.

Woot, reviewing Another is going to be FUN. #another

"Oniichan am I kawaii?" #hunterxhunter

Shame on Hunter x Hunter for giving into shameless otaku pandering. Too moe and kawaii. DROPPPPPED. #hunterxhunter

Again, the CONTRAST. #helterskelter

Amazing shot. Ririco is surrounded men and microphones that are positioned to look like phallic symbols. #helterskelter

DAT casting choice. The way their appearances contrast with each other here is better than in the manga. #helterskelter

I have a feeling I am going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this film. #helterskelter

Kagiri is the best. #psychopass

Makishima's jacket is so cute. I want it. #psychopass

So why is Kogami's car emitting a pink fart cloud? Symbolism? #psychopass

Best pairing of 2013. #hakkenden

Probably a coincidence, but I couldn't help but notice it. #gintama #kuroneko

I WANT THAT BED. #sasamisan

Did I talk about gdgd fairies this week? Super sentai reference right here! #gdgdfairies

K-on is a rip-off of Kaiji. #kaiji

HNGGHHHHH. #hunterxhunter

Remember when I said Psycho Pass was the prequel to Jinrui? Who's laughing now? #jinrui

The effect on top of the screen may have been done by putting a layer over the video with a lower opacity. #jinrui

Anime with more grown up characters would definitely change the face of Japanese animation.