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more kudo/nozomu #szs

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No one told me this was Kill La Kill. #inazuma

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I want to know what's happening but at the same time I don't. #inazuma

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The age old conflict between man versus tire. #inazuma

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!!!! Best girl. #inazuma

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Damn, this is a legit eyecatch. Very impressed with the production values + directing. #inazuma

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magical shota soccer anime has cute lolis #inazuma

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  • 73 MIYATA/IPPO MIYATA/IPPO oh my god so done this artist is the best #ippo_anime

Like rubbing salt to an open wound, here's Aomine playing with Nigou. He looks so happy. ;_; #kurobas

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This show is just Inazuma Gundam right? #gb_f

Shingeki no Kyoujin #21 Endcard is horrifying. #attackontitan #shingekinokyoujin

Paiman is Maromi. #GatchamanCROWDS #paranoiaagent

Paiman is Maromi. #GatchamanCROWDS #paranoiaagent

This is a potential avatar.

MC's uniform ribbon forms a face with one eye and an eyepatch + moustache? #killakill

A very rough sketch of a Gatchaman Crowds illust I want to do. But watch it not happen.

"I didn't see that coming!" Said no one. #tv_free

Good night. I leave you all with this. #makaiouji

You see, on the internet Rui is a girl. #GatchamanCrowds