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This cat won't leave me alone and let me get dressed. He just wants cuddles...

Ninja is dead asleep with his eyes open. Seems like something a ninja would do!

pretty much how I feel about the consumer aspect of Easter. This was at work... lol

Awwwh, I found my first studded/punk bracelet I got on my 8th grade trip to Santa Cruz :3 #memories


Making reminders for myself.

Sweaty and smelly, but I feel good about myself =] also, I can put my hair in 2 lil ponytails now.

Ermehgerd! Mirror pic! #igotboredokay

my room smells like :3 yay!

all done! cuz I know you were all dying to know that!

listening to & doing a glow in the dark Batman puzzle. #winning

With at the #pornkills tour in Galt.

I haz coffee :3

Decided to go super simple with my makeup today. I like it.

HA! You guys, my hair! Look! I took a shower and dried it in the sun.

soooo... where am I supposed to sleep?

The vultures were circling... little did they know I was only napping.

See? I do get Sun! Lol