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I need a ghost writer to fill this box out -- shall I have Sugar Crisp or Cheerios??? *{]; D

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these guys wanna' know the Al-A&M score... They are impatient here in Dallas *<{]; D

RT RT : RT RT : 2. & N. Blackstock - It's OFFICIAL - introducing...'NewMeMalibu' with info I've yet to understand *<{]; D

Song Single, written by & N. Blackstock #MalibuCountry 'The New Me' - sorry, I can't find iTunes link -.99 + tax *<{]; D

RT RT : 2. & N. Blackstock - It's OFFICIAL - introducing "NewMeMalibu" 2013 11-02-12 *<{];...Day View with High Fine Touches *<{]; D

Something or another battery in trunk. Spec. Around 35mpg. Told, actually 28 is pretty standard.

Last Friday I got a new baby. Was thinking of you during delivery. Maybe I should have called. *<{]; D

I VOTED a week ago Friday. In Texas. It was soooo much fun & I have the stickers to prove it!*<{]; D

: Take Aunt Ruthie's advice: : Always carry extra garbage bags & rubber bands! *<{]; D

just after voting at Chippendale's says, ______________________!!! *<{]; D

Meet: NewMeMalibu !!! xoxoxoxo *<{]; D

A week ago Friday, in Texas, I voted!!! Agreed!!! *<{]; D

2. & N. Blackstock - It's OFFICIAL - introducing "NewMeMalibu" 2013 11-02-12 *<{]; D

I voted in Texas a week ago Friday. *<{]; D

Here's a picture -- she/he/it gets some high fine touches tomorrow... *<{]; D

Breaking out the Sambuca!!*<{]; D RT #AmericanAirlines flight crews seem REALLY happy! #TweetsFrom1972

Village Hot Night in July *<}]; D RT How the Village celebrates no power: a singalong @ the #duplex #sopow

yes!!! Waited for you to notice!!! Anderson is back. Please note "Wind Warning" below Anderson *<{]; D

I almost caught Anderson. He waded in. I can hear him but all I get is the answer to your crane question. *<{]; D

Anderson?!? A frat party?!? We must be in different time zones... Twilight Zone?!? *<{]; D

2.They wanted to see Driver's License; showed them my Passport, but it wouldn't scan right I VOTED*<{]; D

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