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Lovely story from September 1953 of an East German escaping by steamroller:

And while I'm stuck in 1953, can't resist tweeting this cigarette ad. "Mouth and throat comfort."

Montgomery looks like a Carry On actor in this shot from the New York Times in March 1953:

Love this example of the difficulty of introducing democracy to postwar Germany. Can imagine the author's facepalm.

"One day, you may never need to get out of bed to go shopping," I wrote in 1994. I was right! (H/T Mum for cutting!)

I've banging on about 2-year-degrees for 10 years. My mother just dug out this letter I wrote to the Tel in Nov 2002:

and look at the fucking pig of a mess my ical is now in:

Ever seen this great pic of Alfie?

The man on the left is famous adventurer Ranulph Fiennes. The man on the right is an impostor at today's press conf:

I love 'New!'. As if it were some kind of ace toy.

I just love looking through old newspapers. This, from The Times of 20/8/63, is a real gem:

Liz 'n' Hugh – worlds apart:

Those who understandably defend Sgt Nightingale may wish to read this finding by the Judge:

My friend Tobyn says I look like Lech Walesa. He has a point:

My friend Tobyn says I look like Lech Walesa. He has a point:

I've been searching for extraterrestrial life since 2006, done 17.42 quadrillion floating-point ops, and still no ET!

Variation on a theme from a '43 Lustige Blätter. The Jew not as a puppet-master, but as a polyp. The message the same.

Here's another Jew as puppetmaster cartoon from German 'humour' mag Lustige Blätter in 1942:

The Jew as puppetmaster goes way back. This from '38 in Hungary, where Jews suffered similar restrictions as in Germany

Here's the dirty grave of Claude Dobson VC, who attacked the Bolshevik fort of Kronstadt with his motorboat in 1919: