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This just about sums up Hong Kong:

Trying to work this T-shirt out:

Here's a business that needs some brand management:

Can anyone identify this fruit? #strangefruit

This is where I read it - Morell's diary, edited by you-know-who:

Here are two neighbours of the Castros chatting to each other.

Extraordinary that as this woman sat on her porch as Google drove past, 3 women being held on other side of the road

Might be smashing your RT record:

Oh boy:

Christ boys' schools have changed. This is what our senior common room looked like in 1980s. A slum, basically.

British #fascism in action in 1957: Jeffrey Hamm addresses a Union Movement rally in Trafalgar Square.

Strange things are trending in Welwyn Garden City as we tweet:

Bertrand Russell to Oswald Mosley in 1962. This is how to tell someone you won't debate with them:

There's something both revolting and beautiful about this picture of a house fly my friend Russell took:

My friend Russell took this – beautiful? – picture of a housefly:

I wonder if Bruce Robinson (right) ever spent some time in the 1960s?

Withnail fans will understand why Richard E Grant sent a wreath made of vegetables to Richard Griffiths's funeral.

"Total war is giving me a lot of work to do," moaned Goebbels to his diary on May 12, 1943. The heart bleeds…

Churchill appoints Selwyn Lloyd to the FCO. "But I don't like foreigners," says Lloyd. "Even better," says Churchill.

Churchill appoints Selwyn Lloyd to FCO. "But I don't like foreigners" says Lloyd. "So much the better" says Churchill