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Who would you take to a desert island? The spy writer, one of the historians, the illustrator, or the gynaecologist?

Erudition by Beer by Teeth whitening by Great evening by

Is it just me, or is #SU150 taking a bloody odd route to Havana? #Snowden

And whoosh - off goes SU150! #Snowden

Just look at these pics of Joe Corry and his medals! Now you see them… Can identify any?

Joe Corry spouts ludicrous WW2 'experiences' to 6th-formers. I find this worrying. (Thanks for reminder .)

An extract from Marsh Agency's Rights List for London Book Fair. Corry's book is under nonfiction. Would you buy it?

I'm with you Roger. Immodestly, an extract from Hunting Evil:

Very nice of the Ordnance Survey to reveal the whereabouts of elderly prostitutes:

This was a fun place I visited a while back – Huemul Island in Patagonia, the site of Juan Peron's 'nuclear reactor':

If interested in postwar Nazi activity you may like this, drawn by US intel officer with too much time on his hands:

"What's the story in Balamory?"
"Well, Miss Hoolie has been designing the new iOS7!"
"Let's have a look! Oh..."

Have any #twitterstorians or others heard of Suffragettes Kitty Marrion and Clara Giveen? Loitering, arson...

Seems Suffragettes had it in for racing. Two women set light to a racecourse a few days after the 'Derby Outrage':

Interesting how the Times reported death of Emily Davison low down col. 3 on p. 8 under 'Suffragist Outrage':

One strange thing about new Google Maps is its insistence on featuring Burton Albion football club: (capacity 6,912)

Here's the flight path of PK709. It appears to have landed at Stansted:

Can anyone ID two Nazis in the middle? Goebbels on left, Naumann far right, but the two in the middle? Please RT!

Never seen this before: Ancient chess. And rules are here: cc

Buddha's birthday in Hong Kong. Here's a chap who found it a bit mystifying (altho he does look a bit Buddha-ish):