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As well as being the home of Priebke for 50 years, Bariloche was also the site for Peron's 'nuclear reactor':

The nearest that any of the SS got to being forced to carry out the executions is this example here:

This report, written by an Italian professor, captures horror of Ardeatine Massacre, which Erich Priebke organised:

Here is a statement made by Erich Priebke in Aug 46, in which he admits to his role in the Ardeatine Caves massacre:

"The idea of PAN EUROPE on German terms is born to failure," writes a British Intelligence officer in December 1946:

One for : Women's 100 Metres in Berlin 1936. Dollinger, who came 4th, thought she was only woman in race!

Here's how CIA graded sources and reports in the mid-1950s: (Do they still do it like this? Any idea ?)

These men were both born in 1974:

I love this pic of my wife's grandfather (right), sloshed on sloe gin in North Waziristan on Christmas Day, 1939:

Those clamouring for action against #Syria should read this assessment by US Chair of Joint Chiefs on controlling CW:

And another cynical advert placed by a hotel the day after Britain declared war on Germany: #ww2

Cynical advert placed by a hotel in the Channel Islands day after #ww2 started. (Sark was invaded 10 months later.)

Guess who wrote independent 'Guardian staff' piece re. his partner? Clue in twitter button on this grab:

One more Bongo-Bongo Land. This time from in the Sunday Times in August 2006:

'Bongo-bongo' used by racist policemen in the 1970s. This is like something from Life on Mars:

And here's a particularly vile use of 'bongo-bongo' from July 1960:

Here's Bernard Levin using 'Bongo-Bongo Land' in The Times in 1985:

Here's a real letter on the left. To the right is the one for sale. Spot the differences!

My 8-year-old daughter likes designing her avatar on Mad Men Yourself. I think she'll go far.

Someone must have used this as an album cover. (From #coldwarhist