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Canucks/Lions/NFL columnist for Vancouver 24 Hours. Sun Media. I won't bend for anything less than a quarter. #ScrewYouStreetDimes Sarcasm

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So that's effin dinner ruined now. Get your act together Boyardee!!!

One day when I get some time I'll take you out and show you how it's done.

Cherry Arctic Rush Float. Formerly the Mr Misty. I've clearly outgrown the Slurpy. #evolving #DairyQueen

Very nice!!! Took me a bit but this now currently sits in my freezer. Highly recommend. #lowfat

My timeline. #Canucks

Easy $50 profit? You'd think. But there's a reason my sports gambling has yet to evolve from the hobby level.

NBA is still a money maker come post season.

Did you know it takes 157 individual muscles to properly configure a Quenneville face? #Canucks #Hawks

Pretty sure I saw you the other day near a bus stop.

I wonder if they make get-along-underpants?

Lots of questions on my timeline about that red mark under AV's eye. Zoom in and it will be self explanatory.

Have to believe one of these 4 leaders will finish the job. Who do you have? Cabrera is well battle tested. #Masters

Kassian doing his best Larry Murphy impression on the Kesler high wrister. #TooObscure?

One step forward (Kesler) Two steps back (Tanev/Higgins) #Canucks

One step forward (Kesler) Two steps back (Tanev/Higgens) #Canucks

Oh right. Talk like that is liable to generate pics like this. #dulynoted

Reason for the wrinkles, Portland was down by 24 at half. Huge comeback to get my #sportsaction tie.

I just walked passed the bored to death married man bullpen at Walmart. #PortCoquitlam

I admit I got lucky in San Jose last night but a win is a win. #sportsaction

Canucks draw penalties like I draw women. #horribly